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As an affiliate you’ll earn monthly commission on every account you introduce

Who is the affiliate network for?

The rightval affiliate network is designed for marketing agencies, software developers and consultants that work with U.K. estate agents to design, build or recommend services.

How the rightval affiliate network works

When you register as a rightval affiliate, you’ll be given a unique URL that you can share with your existing and new customers. When your customer signs up via your unique link and activates their live rightval account, you’ll start receiving regular monthly commission payments for each account you introduce, not just for their first month, but for the life of their time with us.

What do I get as a rightval affiliate?

  • Unique rightval affiliate partner link
  • rightval approved affiliate logo for use in marketing materials
  • Dedicated affiliate account to track signups and commission payments

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Affiliate FAQ

Have a question about the rightval affiliate account? Check out our FAQs below, or email [email protected] if you don't find the answer

What is an active account?
An active account is a rightval account with billing activated and the ability to process live valuation data. Creating a demo account to process test data is free, an account is considered active when live valuations are being processed.

When am I paid?
You'll receive a monthly payment on a nominated day for each account you have introduced to us assuming their account is still active during that month.

Can I refer myself / my own branches?
Self referral is not permitted under the terms of our affiliate network. Referrals are monitored by our team to ensure that the terms are adhered to. Referrals that are deemed to be self-referrals may be removed from your affiliate account.