Rightval Insights – Now included free with your valuation tool

What if you could use the data your instant valuation tool has captured to help steer your future marketing efforts? Well, as of today, you can.

Today we launched the public beta of Rightval Insights. A brand new way to visualise and act on the instant valuation data you capture with your Rightval tool.

What’s included?

Using the instant valuation data your tool has collected and combining it with the latest property statistics from HM Land Registry and the Office for National Statistics, we’re not only able to instantly show you where you’re generating the most leads, on which property types and the most popular property sizes, we also give you valuable insight into your local market, helping your focus your prospecting.


Instant valuation insights

Location breakdown
Insights provides an easy to understated breakdown of your top 10 most popular valuation locations by area, showing total valuations, average value and estimated demand rating.

Property breakdown
Understanding your valuations is key in fine tuning your marketing efforts. Insights slices your data by property type and size for visibility on the types of property you’re valuing the most.

Demographics breakdown
If you’re running ads to your tool with Facebook, understanding the demographics that convert is a powerful way to optimise your campaigns.


Local area insights

In addition to helping you understand how your instant valuation tool is performing, Rightval now gives you advanced local area data for any location you generate a valuation in.

For each geographic area, we show you 10 year capital growth figures, subdivided by property type, as well as monthly average prices and growth statistics for the previous 12 months based on the UK House Price Index with data provided by HM Land Registry and the Office for National Statistics.


How do I access Rightval Insights?

If you’re already processing instant valuations with us, simply sign in to your agent account and click “Insight” from the top navigation. As we need data to work with, if you’ve already generated more than 10 valuations through our platform, you’ll automatically have Rightval insights enabled on your account. If not, after your 10th instant valuation, your Insights will be automatically available.

Not created your Rightval instant valuation tool yet? Simply click here to get started with a 14 day free trial.