Struggling with instant valuation marketing for your estate agency? Rightval Managed is for you

We understand not all agents are also digital marketing experts. That’s why we’ve launched Rightval managed. An all-inclusive package to maximise your instant valuation enquiries for just £199 per month

Since we launched Rightval in early 2019, we’ve chatted with estate agents across the country, many of which have all faced the same issue. How to effectively market their instant valuation tool.

Something we quickly learnt was that we can create the nicest instant valuation enquiry generation software we can, but as with any of these tools, it’s effective digital marketing that connects the dots to start driving enquiries from local homeowners, keen to receive a free, instant valuation on their property.

We understand that many estate agents aren’t digital marketing experts, and understandable nor do they wish to be! We know that you’re busy doing what you do best, listing and selling properties, and the idea of learning and subsequently mastering the ins and outs of paid social media marketing would be a time consuming and often daunting task.

For those that wish to maximise the enquiries they receive from their Rightval instant valuation tool, or those that are new to online instant valuation enquiry generation, we’ve launched Rightval managed. A simple, all-inclusive package that takes care of all aspects of instant valuation lead generation without you lifting a finger.

How does this work then?

Rightval managed is designed to provide you with your own instant valuation tool, the expertise you need to successfully market it online and some advertising budget all in one low monthly fee of £199 per month.

Once you are up and running on our managed service, our team will:

  • Customise your instant valuation tool
  • Configure it to track paid advertising
  • Create, launch and manage paid ads via social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Drive new enquiries to your account with a goal of a minimum of 20 per month.

What’s included?

As a Rightval managed customer you’ll get:

  • Rightval’s full instant valuation tool
  • A named account manager to answer any questions and oversee your ad campaigns
  • Up to £100 per month of Ad spend INCLUDED

How does this compare to Rightval software only?

Our software only instant valuation tool is available for just £29 per month and is the perfect option for those that feel comfortable marketing their own instant val tool.

We always recommend a minimum of £100 per month used to promote the tool online, meaning that with Rightval Managed, we charge a simple £70 per month management fee to handle all of your valuation tool promotion, with up to £100 of our fee being immediately re-invested with Facebook and Instagram.

For £199 you’ll get Rightval at £29, a digital marketing account manager at £70, and up to £100 paid directly to the social networks for ads (which would otherwise be paid directly to by you).

What do I need to do?

To get started, simply request a Rightval managed callback to chat to our team and get set up. All we’ll then need is your business details and logo to customise your instant valuation tool.

You can request your callback at, or call us directly on 01233 527600.

After that, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way, throughout setup, ad creation and publication, right up to your first instant valuation enquiry.

When you receive your first enquiry, all you need to do is follow up in your usual way, using your experience and expertise to do what you do best, convert enquiries into new instructions!

For tips on what to expect from instant valuation enquiries and how to convert them into new business, check out our dedicated blog post here.

Ready to get started? Visit to download our brochure or request a callback, or to speak to us directly, call 01233 527600.

Prefer a fully-managed service?

Did you know Rightval now offers a fully-managed instant valuation enquiry service? Our team of experts set up your valuation tool for you and run targeted, high performing digital ads to drive new instant valuation enquiries to your business all for a fixed fee that includes your ad spend.

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