rightval for developers

Connect your existing estate agency software with rightval


We offer developers full access to the rightval lead management API, with predictable, resource-oriented URLs, form-encoded request bodies, JSON response bodies and standard HTTP response codes, authentication and verbs.

OAuth 2.0 authentication

Quickly and easily connect your application to your customers rightval account using industry standard OAuth 2.0 flows to securely authenticate access and permissions.

Dedicated sandbox environment

Our API offers developers a dedicated sandbox environment to test both authentication and lead management endpoints before launching with live customer accounts.

App accreditation

To maintain standards on our platform, we currently implement an app review process for developers wishing to use the Rightval API with live customer accounts. Once your app is reviewed and approved, not only will it be available to the full rightval community, but you’ll also earn rightval certified developer status, including the Rightval developer badge.

Join the invite-only beta

Currently, access is in beta and limited to invite-only developer accounts. We’ll soon be making our developer program available for public registration, however, if you’d like to join the beta and access full documentation please email [email protected] with your business information and details about your specific use case.