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Fully managed instant valuation tool marketing for estate agents

Rightval's instant valuation tool, professionally designed and managed Facebook ads and up to £100 ad spend per month for just £199

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Take the guesswork out of generating new enquiries from instant valuation software with a single package for £199 per month

What is Rightval Managed?

If you’re keen to generate new potential leads from instant valuation software but are unsure where to begin, Rightval Managed is for you.

When marketed correctly and efficiently, instant valuations can be an incredibly powerful alternative to traditional prospecting; Targeting local homeowners and offering a free, instant, estimated online valuation for their property in exchange for their contact details is a fantastic way to build your prospect database and get an all important foot in the door with a new vendor.

Unfortunately, a valuation tool is only as good as its marketing, meaning attracting potential clients to complete their details can be difficult without prior digital marketing experience.

Rightval Managed exists to remove the need for you to learn the complexities of Facebook Ad and other digital platform marketing, and takes away the risk of running campaigns that if not configured correctly, could see you wasting valuable advertising budget.

Rightval Managed means our team, led by your named account manager, will create, launch and manage effective ad campaigns across social media, delivering upwards of 20 local leads per month* to your inbox via your own Rightval instant valuation tool.

Our instant valuation platform has delivered £billions in property valuations for agents across the U.K and as a result, our team know exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to engaging local vendors to submit an enquiry on their property.

We handle all aspects of your instant valuation marketing, leaving you and your team to do what you do best, utilise your expert knowledge to convert enquiries into instructions.

How Rightval managed works

Getting started with a Rightval Managed plan couldn’t be simpler. We handle the setup and the advertising, you convert the leads.

Setting up your Rightval instant valuation tool


You tell us about your business

We’ll ask a few brief questions about your target market and ask you to email us a copy of your logo to allow us to set up your instant valuation tool, then you can sit back and relax!

Step 2 in creating your Rightval instant valuation tool
Promoting your Rightval instant valuation tool to prospects


We set up your valuation tool

Our expert team will handle the setup and configuration of your valuation tool, and our graphic designers will brand it to match the look of your existing business

Step 3 in creating your Rightval instant valuation tool
Follow up on leads generated by your Rightval instant valuation tool


We create, launch and manage your ads

In tandem with our graphic designers, your named account manager will create, launch and optimise digital ads targeting homeowners in your area, based on our extensive experience

Step 2 in creating your Rightval instant valuation tool
Promoting your Rightval instant valuation tool to prospects


You convert enquiries into new business

You’ll be notified by email the second each new valuation enquiry comes in, by logging into your Rightval account you’ll be able to see the full details and follow up with the vendor directly

What’s included with Rightval Managed?

Our simple managed package includes everything you need to generate a steady stream of instant valuation enquiries.

  • Instant valuation tool included with Rightval

    Instant Valuation Tool

    You'll get full access to our instant valuation software platform, already used by hundreds of agents across the U.K to manage enquiries
  • Insights data included with Rightval

    Named account manager

    An expert in digital marketing for instant valuation tools, here to manage your ads, create appealing graphics and answer any questions you have
  • Lead management tools included with Rightval

    20+ enquiries per month

    Over the years we've optimised our instant valuation ad campaigns to the point that we can offer 20 enquiries per month as part of your package
  • Third party integrations included with Rightval

    Up to £100 / month in ad spend

    We invest up to £100 of your managed fee per month into social media ads to generate new instant valuation enquiries for your business

Have you ever wondered:

How much it would cost your business if you needed to dedicate 3 hours every week purely to managing your valuation ad campaigns?

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Managed instant valuation pricing

Rightval managed plans include your first £100 of advertising spend each month, generating regular local enquiries for your business with a predictable, flat monthly fee.

Fully managed

£199 + VAT

Billed monthly

Includes up to £100 of ad spend / mo

  • Fully managed enquiry generation
  • Up to £100 / mo of ad spend included
  • 20+ enquiries per month
  • Customisation
  • Fully branded to your business
  • Service includes
  • Named account manager
  • Rightval software
  • Professional advertising assets
  • Unlimited team member accounts
  • Rolling monthly contract

Did you know:

On average, standard management fees for social media marketing agencies start at around £250 pcm and do not include any advertising spend.

How can we offer this so affordably?

No one knows our instant valuation tool as well as we do (we did build it after all) and we've been helping our agents drive valuation enquiries to it since it launched.

As a result, we've learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to effective digital marketing for valuation tools and as a result, we can pass the savings on to our clients in the form of a minimal management fee.

Is there a minimum contract?

Absolutely not. Rightval Managed is a rolling 30 day agreement, paid in advance. There's no minimum term or contractual obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about managed instant valuation tool marketing for your estate agency but have a question? Check out our FAQ or drop us an email to managed@rightval.com

  • How do I get started?

    Simply request a callback from our team to discuss our managed services, tell us a little about your business and we'll take care of everything else.

  • Can I increase my advertising budget?

    Absolutely. Based on our experience we suggest £100 as a minimum (which is included in your package price) but if you'd like to increase this, simply let your account manager know. There's no additional management fee.

  • How many enquiries will I receive?

    We aim to deliver a minimum of 20 instant valuation enquiries per month, but we strive to deliver even more. Better still, your package includes unlimited enquiries - You'll never charged per enquiry

  • What if I want to cancel my account?

    If you decide Righval Managed isn't for you, you can cancel at any time. Our managed service runs on a 30 day rolling basis. If you choose to cancel you can opt to downgrade to software only or cancel altogether