Instant valuation multipliers

Adjust the overall valuation figures generated by your valuation tool with multipliers

We understand that instant valuations aren’t a one size fits all approach for all business models, and also that no one understands your local market as well as you do. This is why your valuation tool offers unique “multipliers”, allowing you to make small or large adjustments to the figures your tool generates.

This is particularly useful for auction style or quick-sale business models where to manage clients expectations, operators may want to reduce the figures shown to vendors by a small percentage to fit their business model.

Alternatively, it’s also particularly useful when you know the area in which you operate is in high demand with buyers. In this instance you may wish to adjust the figures shown to vendors up by a small amount in order to entice new properties onto the market.

By default, no multiplier is added to your account, however if you’d like to adjust this, here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign in to your agent account
  2. Click “Settings” from the top navigation (requires administrator access)
  3. Locate the “Caps and multipliers” advanced option
  4. Click “Manage

Next to the valuation multiplier, change the dropdown to the multiplier you’d like to use.

A multiplier of 100% is the equivalent of having no multiplier applied.

A 95% multiplier will decrease all prices displayed by your tool by 5% for future valuations.

A 105% multiplier will increase all prices displayed by your tool by 5% for future valuations.

Don’t forget to click “Save changes” when you’re done, your new multiplier settings will take immediate effect on new valuations submitted through your tool.

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