Introduction to user management

Rightval gives you the ability to add unlimited team members to your tool for free, as well as restrict their access to key features

Rightval allows you to provide individual user account access for each of your team to your instant valuation lead management account.

This is useful as it improves security due to not requiring a shared password, allows you to manage who has access to your data as team members join and leave your business, and also allows you to restrict team member access to certain features (administrators vs staff members).

Not only that, when you have multiple users connected to your tool, you can easily assign specific valuations to the most relevant team member. For example, you may wish to assign a particularly high-value property lead to your most experienced negotiator. Rightval allows you to do this easily and additional user accounts are completely free.

User types:

Staff members:
Staff member access gives basic access to your Rightval account. Users can view, edit and manage the leads your tool has generated, as well as leave notes on valuations to keep the rest of the team in the loop.

Administrator access gives users full access to both the valuations generated as well as the administration side of your business such as tool settings and billing details

It’s possible to have any number of staff members and administrators connected to a single tool, however there must always be at least one administrator in order to manage your account

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