Introduction to Webhooks

New to the world of Webhooks? Check out our introduction to learn what they are and how they work

What is a webhook?

Simply put, a webhook is a way for one software system to notify another that something has happened, without manual intervention from you.

For example, a lead comes in from Rightval, a webhook could trigger at this point to send the vendors details to your property management system, or to your email marketing system, or any other piece of compatible software in order to keep things in sync.

How does it work?

Rightval allows you to send lead information in digital form to another software package when an event takes place, such as a lead is created, updated or deleted.

Where can I automatically send data?

You can connect Rightval to any system that supports incoming Webhooks, as well as systems that exist to enable you to connect software services together (Zapier is great at this).

How do I connect Rightval?

Firstly, you’ll need the service provider you’d like to sync Rightval with to provide you with a URL we can send data to. Once you have this, you can configure Rightval to automatically sync data with your preferred services when you create, update or delete a lead.

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